Why Are There So Many Books About Fitness?


Head into any bookstore, or browse the endless supply of books online, and you’ll find thousands of books on fitness. From how to workout at home and build muscle every day to mastering the equipment at the gym along with nutritional planning, there’s certainly no shortage of books that suggest how readers of any fitness level can earn their dream body. Yet why are there so many different ideas and books on this single topic? Well, with so much variance in ways to be healthy and get fit, there’s a lot of advice to accompany them.

Everyone who writes a book about fitness is an expert of some sort, or claims to be one. However, that doesn’t mean that every fitness book, or all of these authors, agree with one another. Each person has a different idea as to what is good or bad, healthy or unhealthy when it comes to fitness and health. For example, some believe avoiding eggs and dairy is key, while others believe it’s carbs that cause problems. That’s where the endless supply of fitness books come from – the areas in which experts disagree, or conflict.

Those of us who are looking to get fit and improve our well being flock to fitness books for instructions, guidelines, and expertise. However, it’s important to determine exactly which expert – and which book – is the best plan for our individual bodies, lifestyles, and goals. While they all vary, they can all be correct. As Lifehacker writes, these many experts do understand the rules and guidelines of nutritional information, and often are educated in their fields. So, although their information may contradict others’ writings on the very same subject, there’s no reason to doubt any of the many different fitness books – as long as their authors are the experts they claim to be, of course.

When attempting to choose a fitness plan and book, make sure the information is reasonable and healthy. Don’t adopt a plan that requires you to give up healthy eating habits, or to forsake regular activity in an effort to get fit. If you’re ever unsure, you can compare the book’s advice to the governmental guidelines for healthy lifestyles.